Bringing an artist’s vision to life, finding beauty in the often overlooked, and framing honesty in a moment: these are the tenets that drive me. Throughout this site, you’ll find examples of my videography, craft work and photography and in them I hope you’ll find my mark. 

In my work as a film producer, I devote myself to the director’s vision.  I am the trusted means to their project’s end and take pride in offering an environment where the artist can create without hesitation. 

As a craftsman, I repurpose the discarded. I devise a concept and allow the execution to become a reflection of that which I’m surrounded with and inspired by. 

As a photographer, I hunt truths. Staged, candid or that blissful happenstance of both, I seek to tell still stories. 

Ultimately, however, my goal is to contribute. I want to offer more than I accept and make beauty of what I’ve been given.  If my work helps people appreciate their world in a new way, if only for a frame, I’ve met my goals well. 


I am extremely interested in collaborating, be it through film, artwork, or design projects, and welcome all inquiries.